Website Design

After initial consultation MaoWebstyle will provide in writing a detailed description of your Web site, what your Website package will include and what it won’t. Our advice is targeted to getting the most exposure with the least amount of expense for the client.

A great web site is one that has been specifically planned, designed, tested and promoted. We will always feature the following elements when developing a website for your online business.

  • High quality HTML, CSS, JavaScript and DHTML programming.
  • The Design is optimised for high search engine rankings.
  • High quality custom graphics created and designed to complement your information and products contained at your Web site.
  • Attention to maintaining low bandwidth for each page at your Web site for quick-loading pages, including manipulating graphics to the lowest possible file size while also maintaining their high quality appearance.
  • The greatest access to the widest possible audience by use of programming that accommodates cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility.
  • Content advice that act to attract greater recognition from some search engines, ‘Content is King’.
  • Ease of maneuverability throughout the Website, including interconnecting links to main subject areas, “top” of page links as needed and “back” links to section index pages as needed.
  • Consistency of design throughout the Web site, including colours, graphics, layout, typeface and all other design elements.
  • High quality colour scanning of photographs and other materials, which includes minor touch ups and cropping when needed.
  • Search Engine submission.
  • Custom-designed graphics based on business
  • Logo when needed.

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There are many stages to building a high quality web site. Here we have outlined our web design process to give you an idea of what type of service we offer you.

Site Definition and Planning
This initial stage is where we define your goals and objectives for the web site. We will define the scope of the site content, the interactive functionality and technology support required.

Information Architecture
This stage you need to detail the content and organisation of the web site. Prototypes will be created to allow the graphic designs to develop relations between how the site looks and how the navigation interface supports the information design.

Site Design
This stage the project gets its look and feel. The overall graphic design are created and approved. The interface design, text, photography and illustrations are finished.

Site Construction
This stage of the project web pages are constructed and programmed with the content, by waiting until this stage, we minimise the redundant development efforts and wasted energy that results from rushing to create pages to soon.

Tracking, Evaluation and Maintenance
An abundance of information about visits to your site can be recorded with your web server software.


  • How many people saw your site over a given period
  • How may pages were requested for viewing
  • Point of entry
  • Search engine keywords that found your site

By analyzing the server logs you can develop data on the success of your site. The logs will tell you which pages are more popular and what brands and versions of web browsers people used to view your site.