Website Maintenance

Now that your site has been published occasionally there may come a time in which your website needs to be updated. Getting Maowebstyle to updates your website is an economical way to keep your site and information fresh.

How many website owners realistically possess the time or skills to build their business website and see a professional result? Is it a good use of your time, or should you make use of a professional?

Questions to ask yourself first

  • How experienced are you with coding and programming to add advanced features such as customer management solutions, a shopping cart application or login or membership management?

  • Do you have ongoing time for continuous website maintenance?

  • How capable are you to deal with site repairs for crashes, HTML, code errors, broken links or corrupted database files?

  • How much is a marketing services company or professional within your budget?

  • Do you have experience with Search Engine Optimisation?

For website maintenance, we can offer you:

Text changes by MaoWebstyle – $40 hour, charged in 15mins increments.

  • Includes formatting of text.
  • Changes are to be emailed to MaoWebstyle. These changes will be uploaded normally within 72 hours.

New elements, for example new pages, new photographs are chargeable.

Scanning and optimisation of images $5 per image.

Addition pages $80 per HTML/HTM page includes:

  • All formatting of text supplied.
  • Optimisation of graphics / photos if supplied.
  • Scanning and optimisation of images if supplied.
  • Internal menu links updated for the new page/pages

For more information please contact us.